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About the Pittsburgh Urban Flooding Journal

The purpose of this blog is to capture and document the human stories behind flooding in the Pittsburgh region. For now, the focus of the stories in this blog will primarily consist of impacted communities Allegheny County, however the authors of this blog welcome all stories which are relevant to chronicling when, how, and why communities flood in Western Pennsylvania.

After the flood recedes, often we are too busy cleaning up the damage to document what actually happened. This blog will attempt to put and end to that practice and capture the story so that we may learn from the past to better inform our future.

The Challenge of Urban Flooding in Pittsburgh

Regional Entity

No regional agency in the Pittsburgh region exists that is responsible for bringing communities together to address urban flooding.

Public Support

All residents and communities in the Pittsburgh region must set aside their political differences and come together to address flooding.

Better Understanding

Documenting where and why flooding happens must be done. Storms are increasing in size causing more floods. We must gather data.

Interested in contributing material? Interested in writing a guest blog post? Do you have a personal flooding story you want to share on the blog? Or maybe you are interested in getting together for coffee to discuss your flooding story? Contact us, we’d love to chat.

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